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Configure vNet Peering in Microsoft Azure

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Lab Overview

Virtual network peering enables you to seamlessly connect two or more Virtual Networks in Azure. The virtual networks appear as one for connectivity purposes. The traffic between virtual machines in peered virtual networks uses the Microsoft backbone infrastructure. Like traffic between virtual machines in the same network, traffic is routed through Microsoft’s private network only.

Network traffic between peered virtual networks is private. Traffic between the virtual networks is kept on the Microsoft backbone network. No public Internet, gateways, or encryption is required in the communication between the virtual networks.

Learning Objectives

In this Azure simulation, you will be guided through the peering of two vNets. You’ll peer the MyNewVnet and MyOtherVnet virtual networks and then view the status of both sides of the peering.

Exam Relevance

The skills you learn in this lab are necessary to pass the following Azure certification exams:

    • AZ-104
    • AZ-303
    • AZ-304

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