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About labIT PRO Suite

The LabIT PRO Suite is a collection of DOZENS of simulated cloud labs created by best-selling Udemy instructor, Thomas Mitchell. You can use these lab simulations to learn how to complete all kinds of deployment and management tasks in Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, and Google Cloud Platform.

So What Can You Do with the labIT PRO Suite?

The labIT PRO Suite of lab simulations allows you to perform all kinds of neat cloud tasks without the need for an Azure, AWS, or GCP subscription. Instead of spending money on cloud resources while you learn, you can now perform the same identical learning activities in a simulated cloud environment.

Why labIT PRO?

It’s always the same thing. You enroll in an online course for a couple bucks but then you have to pay for the resources you deploy in your own cloud subscription while you learn.

Well, now you can learn how to perform typical tasks in the cloud without the need for a live subscription. This simulator gets you access to a simulated cloud environment, where you can perform many different cloud tasks, like deploying a resource group or provisioning a virtual network, without spending a dime in Azure, AWS, or GCP charges!

By the time you finish the exercises in this simulator, you’ll know how to actually DO many of the things you learned about in your online cloud courses!

Students who complete the simulated activities in these lab simulations will come away with an understanding of how to actually put into practice what they learn.

What Does labIT PRO Cover?

The labIT PRO Suite of simulated labs covers virtually every aspect of Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, and Google Cloud Platform. From compute, to storage, to networking, to serverless, to security, the labIT PRO Suite covers them all:

    • MICROSOFT AZURE: Learn how to deploy, configure, and manage all kinds of Azure resources, including compute resources, network resources, storage resources, serverless offerings, Azure AD, and security services.
    • AMAZON WEB SERVICES: Learn how to deploy, configure, and manage numerous AWS resources and services, including compute, containers, database, serverless, networking, storage, and security.
    • GOOGLE CLOUD PLATFORM: Learn how to provision, configure, and manage key GCP resources, like serverless computing resources, containers, virtual machines, storage, networking, databases, and machine learning services.

The labIT PRO Suite is the most immersive learning experience available for those who wish to learn real-world cloud skills.

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