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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need an Azure, AWS, or GCP subscription to use the labIT PRO suite?

Absolutely not. As a matter of fact, the entire reason labIT PRO was created was so that student DO NOT need to pay for cloud resources while learning.

Don’t Azure, AWS, and GCP all offer free trials? Why not just use them?

Yes, you can get a free trial subscription if you are a new customer. However, that free trial expires. The free trials don’t offer hands-on guided activities like labIT PRO does.

How is the labIT PRO Suite different from other training courses, like Udemy?

The labIT PRO Suite is an INTERACTIVE learning tool. Instead of sitting there and watching video after video, you get to interact with the training. You get to perform tasks while learning from the visual prompts and the audio instruction. There is no debate that students learn better when they are more fully immersed in the training exercises. The labIT PRO Suite provides this type of immersive learning experience. If Udemy courses are your thing, we have those too.

Are the lab simulations the same as on the certification exams?

I wouldn’t say they are identical; however, the tasks that you perform when working through the simulated labs are the same kinds of tasks you will often encounter on the exams.

Why is the labIT PRO Suite free? What’s the catch?

The labIT PRO Suite was built and is maintained by best-selling Udemy instructor, Thomas Mitchell, who is also the founder of labITout.com. Throughout the labIT PRO site (and in occasional mailings), you’ll see special offers for courses offered by labITout. If you want to support the labIT PRO Suite, be sure to pick up a course or two!

Can I use the lab simulations to prepare for the certification exams?

Yes! Absolutely! What better way to prepare for the certification exams than to actually perform the tasks that you are expected to understand! The labIT PRO Suite is an AWESOME complement to any certification training you are currently enrolled in.

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